Buy Class Credits

We are a drop-in studio. There is no need to sign up for ongoing series classes. Simply buy a package of credits and use them in any way you would like until they are used up.

Why Credits?

As pole dance is an adult sport, we recognize that adults have busy lives with work, significant others, kids, friends, etc. Keeping this in mind we know it is difficult to sign up for and commit to showing up to one set class day and time on a weekly basis. We also realize that as life gets busy it can be hard paying for a monthly membership you are rarely using. At kiska we feel like dancers should have the freedom to create their own ideal pole training schedule. With class credits each pole dancer is able to do just that. Different classes use different amounts of credits. So you can buy a package of class credits and decide on your own how to allocate your credits.

Open Pole Session = 1 Credit
Intro Classes = 2 Credits
Pole Elements Classes = 3 Credits
Plastic Strip = 3 Credits
Russian Exotic Classes = 3 Credits

**When purchasing Class || Credit Packages please note the expiration dates.

1:1 Pole Training

Kiska’s 1:1 Pole Training Sessions are set up with 1 Trainer, 1 Student and 2 Poles.

This is not a closed studio “private lesson.”

1 Hour Session = $60
1.5 Hour Session = $90

Also available as 1:2 Pole Training Sessions. 1 Trainer, 2 Students, 3 Poles. Contact Kiska for more info.

Closed Studio Private Training Sessions are available upon request.

Contact Kiska if this is something you are interested in and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

2 Weeks Unlimited Classes // $99

Try our best new student offer and experience our Russian Exotic pole studio today.


2 full weeks to attend as many Intro Classes

Intro to Pole
Intro to Plastic
Intro to Russian

This is a one time purchase available to new students of Kiska only.

Your two weeks pass begins on the date of your first class.

Purchase 2 Week Unlimited Pass

Groups & Parties

Planning a Bachelorette Party?
21st Birthday? Any other special event?

Just want to schedule a Group Lesson with your friends?
Schedule your next event with Kiska!

1.5 Hour Private Party with up to 8 guests $250

Each Additional Guest after 8– $25

Free shoe rental is included for all members of the party.


Expires after 1 month
  • Open Pole =$11
  • Into II Intensives = $22
  • 90 Minute Classes = $33


Expires after 3 months
  • Open Pole = $10
  • Intro II Intensives = $20
  • 90 Minute Classes = $30

32 Credits

Expires after 4 months
  • Open Pole = $9
  • 2 Credit Classes = $18
  • 3 Credit Classes = $27

60 Credits

Expires after 6 months
  • Open Pole = $8
  • 2 Credit Classes = $16
  • 3 Credit Classes = $24