Kiska is a Pole Dance Training Facility with a focus on Russian Exotic Fit style.

Our studio is intentionally set up as a blank canvas. Blank, clean walls. White flooring.  This space allows you to bring the color and create a dance experience all your own- sexy, athletic, acrobatic, sensual, artistic… there are no limits in pole dance. The space you dance in should provide no limits as well.

Kiska is a 2000 sq ft space with a huge dance floor that has 8 poles and 3 more planned for the near future. We have an ever growing retail area when you first walk in that has shoes, clothes, grip aides and other needed items for poling. We are constantly bringing in new merchandise and you can purchase any Pleaser dance shoe through us. If we don’t carry a certain pair, you can browse through the catalog and we can order it for you.

Our specially designed dance floor is built to keep pressure off your joints and reduce injury. Underneath our top flooring is a floating sprung floor that is cushioned so when you land the floor absorbs the pressure, not your knees, hips, and back. When you dance on flooring that is laid directly on top of concrete the pressure that you come down with goes directly back up to your joints causing injury and pain.



Kiska is a space for any and all pole enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. The Kiska Clique is our community of strong, confident, and beautiful students & teachers. We love having fun in classes, taking selfies of the group, and watching each student grow at their own speed. You are ALWAYS welcome at Kiska!


Like a cat, a dancer may be elegant, graceful and have a divine silhouette (at any size or shape). Watch the grace with which a cat stretches in the morning, and the resemblance of that to a stretching body. We encourage dancers to embrace their kitty side-sultry, fierce, or playful. Feline, and strong.  The feline archetype is often associated with feminine power, but we feel strength and sensuality is appropriate for all genders. This cat-like energy, movement, and essence is what we hope to help dancers embody.


Pole dancing, especially in Portland, makes one think of strip clubs and the sex industry, which is appropriate as aspects of pole dancing originated within strip clubs. While pole dancing has in many circles moved into a more fitness based culture, at Kiska, we feel it is important for us not to shy away from the history of pole dancing… the erotic, open minded, sex positive side of pole. We love high-heeled pole shoes and strongly encourage wearing them to class regardless of your gender, body type, or job description! We are excited to help industry dancers safely master tricks, build up a large variety of floor work, and smooth out movement into the exotic flow that makes pole dancing so alluring and exciting- to watch and perform! The word pussy reminds us to embrace the provocative industry where pole dance was born, and to not be afraid to embrace whichever style of pole suits you.

Do I Need To Register Ahead of Time?

Due to the drop-in setup of our classes, you must be booked in (online or call) to guarantee you a spot in class. You can sign up for a class using our online registration, Mindbody Connect App or calling the studio phone. If no one has signed-up for a class 1 hour before class begins, class will be cancelled.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

After completing your account registration with Mind Body online, all debit/credit cards are accepted to purchase class credits through the online system or via the app. We are unable to accept personal checks, but payment arrangements using cash are accepted, please text or call the studio to arrange a cash purchase. 

Is Photography/Filming Allowed in the Studio?

 In this time of social networking and online everything, we do allow use of photography and videoing in the studio to track your progress, upload to your social media account, and tape your personal competition and performance pieces. We do ask that you ask the instructor before taping them, or taping during a class.

We also provide rentals of full floors of space for photo shoots. Please contact the studio if you are interested in setting up time for a shoot.

What Should I Wear to Class?

 The nature of pole dance requires skin to pole contact to maintain grip, therefore we encourage layers to ensure you have the necessary areas available for contact. Areas that would be covered by a swimsuit must be covered at a minimum, but many dancers wear tank tops, sports bras, shorts, booty shorts, swimsuits, leggings, legwarmers, sweats.

KNEE PADS are recommended for sensitive knees and floor work. And will be a must in Plastic Strip and Russian Exotic classes. (You will be hating yourself if you don’t bring kneepads!)

ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY. It will damage the poles.

DO NOT WEAR OIL-BASED LOTION the day of class. It will make the pole slippery. If you are unsure about your lotion, skip it and check with your instructor about what your skin needs.

Bring water.

Check us out on Instagram at kiska.pole or search polewear to see what many dancers like to wear to class! We encourage the use of knee pads and pole shoes, but most importantly encourage you to dance in what is comfortable and appropriate for you. Dance in what makes you feel sexy!

What Should I Expect from my First Class?

All classes begin with a warm up that will engage muscles used to achieve spins, tricks, and dance moves that you will be taught in your class! Bring water as you’ll get warm fast. Lockers are available on site on a first come first serve basis, locks are not provided, and kiska cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Showers are not available at the studio. If you prefer to change with privacy, there is a restroom available.

Who Can Attend Class?

You must be at least 18 to train at Kiska, as you will be required to sign a waiver.

We do not require any prior experience, arm strength, or body type to attend class or dance in the studio. We do not offer specific classes separated by age group nor gender as we want to encourage you to feel welcome in all classes.

I Have Previous Pole Exp, Do I Start with Intro To Pole?

We do require certain moves to be safely executed to be assigned to a level in pole if you do have prior experience. Please contact the studio to arrange a time to assess your level, during open pole or after classes

Do I Have to Wear Pole Heels to Class?

 Intro to Pole: Not Required
Intensives: Not necessary
Pole Elements: Highly Recommended
Plastic Strip & Russian Exotic: Required
Free/Flow/Floor: Highly Recommended

We are a shoe loving studio, and most classes are taught in heels. Many Russian Exotic Fit style pole moves require the extra height, glide and maneuverability that pole heels provide. The plastic material of pole heels provides extra grip on the pole. The platform base of pole heels provide protection of toes and feet as well as added support and slide during floorwork.

You will get the most out of your classes at Kiska when you bring pole heels with you to class. Not to mention you’ll feel super sexy

Never worn heels before?
No Problem. We will teach you to walk, crawl and dance in shoes safely… not to mention climbing in them!

For those of you who are hesitant to purchase your first pair of heels, tester heels are provided for our new students in sizes 6-10.

Is Pole Dancing Safe?

Our studio’s priority is the safety of its students and trainers. Our class levels are in place to work on gradually progressing students through their pole dance journey. Each level trains students in proper technique, skills and conditioning to be strong and able to safely perform the pole tricks taught at that level and to eventually move safely into the next level of training. We provide crash mats for new pole moves, moves that need a little brushing up, and dangerous/ advanced level tricks. Our trainers are also always available to spot you through tricks, combos and ariel moves and will give you approval when you are ready to perform these moves on your own with out a spot/crash pad.

Signing Up For Class

Due to the drop-in setup of our classes, you must be booked in (online or call) to guarantee you a spot in class. You can sign up for a class using our online registration, Mindbody Connect App or calling the studio phone. If no one has signed-up for a class 1 hour before class begins, class will be cancelled.

Running Late

Please be respectful of your trainer and fellow students and arrive on time or up to 10 mins early for class. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the class start time, your instructor will determine whether or not you will not be able to join the class. If you have been asked not to participate due to lateness, you will be considered a “No Show” which will result in forfeiture of the class.

Every class requires about a 20 minute warm-up. If you are late, then you are missing the most important part of the class. The warm-up increases muscle efficiency, reduces potential for injuries, and prepares your body for the movements being performed in class. Your safety is our #1 priority, therefore, this policy will be enforced.



We understand life can be unpredictable, and to accommodate this our cancelation policy offers you the option to Early Cancel within a minimum of 4 hours prior to the start of class. By canceling your reservation no less than 4 hours prior to class you will removed from the schedule and avoid being charged for the class.

You can cancel your class reservation either by logging into your account or texting/calling the studio phone.

After you have canceled your class, double check your account schedule to make sure your name has been withdrawn from that class. The system may or may not send you a cancellation email depending on your settings. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure your class has been canceled.


Cancellations made less than 4 hours prior to class start time will result in forfeiture of that class. The corresponding number of credits will be deducted from your class package.


Failure to attend a class you have been signed up for is a No Show, and will result in forfeiture of that class. The corresponding number of credits will be deducted from your class package.


Pole & Competition Rental

At kiska we are excited to be able to offer a 24/7 rental space, for experienced dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level, on their own time! With great opportunity also comes great responsibility, therefore, we have a few policies that must be followed to maintain access to an unsupervised pole rental.

1. A pole rental is strictly defined as one person renting one pole unless otherwise stated. A competition rental is the rental of 2 competition style poles (one full half of the studio) and allows for individual or multiple persons to train for competition or show pieces. All persons renting the pole must have “24/7 Pole Rental Access” and have filled out proper Kiska waivers and paperwork.

2. Safety is our first concern. For this reason, we do not permit brand new students access without a level assessment to determine if there may be safety concerns for a dancer poling alone. Once your level has been assessed you will be given “24/7 Pole Rental Access”

3. A crash mat is provided, but dancers are not permitted to practice new or unsafe, risky drops/tricks without supervision. It is understood that violating this rule will result in a permanent ban from rental access.

4. Rentals are to be used to practice, and unless an entire competition area is rented out, is limited to 1 pole per person. You are not permitted to bring additional persons into the studio with you. You are not permitted or insured to rent poles in order to teach friends or students, host a class, or host a party.

5. There is a closed access security camera in place. If you are seen doing something unsafe or violating any of the rental policies your privileges may be suspended and no refund will be provided. Please respect the space so we may continue to offer these options!

6.No jewelry is to be worn on the poles. Please wipe down your pole and yoga mat after use.

7. Hours are subject to availability, rentals are not available during classes or workshops.

8. We are able to easily store poles to create a competition style 2 pole area, on either level of the studio.

1:1 Training

Kiska’s 1:1 Pole Training Sessions are set up with 1 Trainer : 1 Student and 2 Poles. This is not a closed studio “private lesson.”
1 Hour Session = $60
1.5 Hour Session = $90
Also available as 1:2 Pole Training Sessions. 1 Trainer : 2 Students : 3 Poles.

Cancellation required 24 hours in advance


All class packages are non-refundable and have an expiration date. Please note the expiration dates when purchasing Classes || Credits.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS given. However in such an event as severe injuries requiring a doctors note, exceptions may be made at studio owners discretion in the form of studio credit or extended expiration dates. There will be NO CREDIT given on workshops.