Virtual lessons offer immediate and direct instructor guidance giving students the most immersive online learning experience.

Rent full length recordings of past virtual classes in exotic, plastic and flex.

Get 1:1 focused attention to work towards your goals.




Take your exotic training online without compromising the most important  focuses: Style, Skill, Strength and Safety


#KiskaStyle stands on its own, bringing fresh, raw energy and swag to Russian Exotic while never betraying the roots of what defines this style of pole.


Safety and Strength go hand in hand and should never be neglected. Build strength and the ability to safely get in and out of moves. Learn level consistent progressions and training methods to prevent injury. 


Train hard. Leave every class feeling like you got your ass kicked. Be proud of the results. When you take your training seriously with Kiska, you will find yourself getting moves in days compared to months. 


If you are ready to learn, grow and take your exotic pole and fitness to the next level then #TrainLikeARussian and train "Russian Exotic Fit Style" with KISKA.

"Russian Exotic Fit Style" is one that has been regarded at the top of its class; mixing pole tricks with gymnastics, transitions, dance and weightless gravity defying movement. There is no mistaking, Russian style has become one of the most sought after styles in the pole industry.


As the original Russian Exotic focused pole studio outside of Russia, Kiska has been at the forefront, bringing the techniques, dance style and training of the “exotic fit style" to the US and beyond.  


Classes have been developed by owner Lauren Lukrich,  following her years of extensive training, performances and collaborations with many of Russia’s pole stars, top athletes, and instructors.  Her knowledge, experience and creative vision of teaching Russian Exotic as its own unique style at KISKA has been a driving force in growing Russian Exotic into what it has come to be today.


With Kiska you can be sure to always be pushed to achieve greatness, have an instructor who believes in you and won't let you give up on yourself, and will have you growing beyond your limits in no time. Classes will always have you breaking a sweat, sore the next day and then ready to do it all over again. Train smarter and harder like a true Russian athlete.